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Ever since the beginning, all mystical creatures received their power from the Power Gem. For millennia, it fueled everything and magic was a common sight in all places. Now, the Power Gem has cracked,spreading shards all over the world, and it's own strength has diminished greatly.

Magic has disappeared and is no longer possible without great effort, and with this in mind, both Heaven and Hell are working together to collect these lost pieces to put them back together.Since no one side can survive in the other's home place, good and evil now collaborate for the greater good, for magic.The chosen ones to represent each side are Morg and Zorg, the bravest and strongest from their kingdoms.

Whether you prefer the curious and kind angel Zorg or the daring and powerful demon Morg, only with the efforts of both combined can the Power Gem be fixed, so start running, run with them, run up and down, above and below, and collect as many shards of the ancient gem.

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