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Geometry shows you. Find out how.

According to Dr. Susan Dellinger, author of the Psychogeometrics book, your favorite geometric shape reveals your personality. Many people who tested themselves without any previous knowledge about the matter were amazed by the accuracy of the results. You can try it for yourself and discover more about you. The test can be used as help in recognizing how other people are. You can consider this personality test with shapes to be no more than an amusing new game if you prefer.

We are supposed to look at the picture showing shapes and then quickly decide for one we like best. Some people already know what their favorite shape is but not the meaning of it. Test results should speak for the tested person

And here are the results of the test:


These are organized, logical and hardworking people who like to go by the rules. Sometimes troubles arise in making decisions because they always want more information.

How to recognize a square: Their moves are stiff, they love routine and organize their lives in detail. They’re always very neat. They do a lot of planning and are always on time.


These are courageous and exciting explorers who always strive for improvement and change. They enjoy trying things they’ve never done before and love asking questions.

How to know a rectangle: They sometimes have fleeting eyes and flushed faces. Rectangles also giggle a lot. They’ll come to work early or late, but never on time. Their office is not the best example of order.


They’re born leaders competitive, reliable and decisive. Of course, they like recognition and are politically engaged. This business type is usually picked by men.

How to notice a triangle: They’re very stylish and they go for expensive things. They have powerful voices and they tend to be as successful in the society as they are at work.


These are "people types” with a big sympathetic heart and full consideration for others. Circles make good listeners, they are communicative and interested in feelings. They like harmony and hate prejudice and hasted decisions.

How to spot a circle: They’re friendly, caring, persuasive and generous. They appear to be relaxed and they often smile. They sometimes gesticulate in during conversation or touch others on the shoulder.


Here we find creative people who always think of new ways to do something. But they jump around in your mind not following an established order.


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