Personalize your profile on Film Annex with the customizable avatars

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The Film Annex beta is getting new features! You can now customize your avatar, and change your log-in info.


The avatar is an important new feature of the beta and let you personalize your profile even more. Do you want your avatar to represent you in real life, or do you want to create a completely different character? You are the one who chooses! Change your avatar's hair style and outfit, choose the colors, etc. Soon you will be able to add accessories, glasses or a beard!

To start customizing your avatar, from the menu on the right, choose 'Preferences', then 'Appearance'. Once you are done, share with us your new look!

Password and nickname

In the 'Password' section, accessible from 'Preferences' in the menu, you now can change your password if needed.

In the 'Settings' tab, you will be able to change your nickname. Your nickname appears on your profile's URL (example: ). In that same section, you will find the rest of the info on your profile (email, bio, website, Bitcoin wallet info, etc.).

Enjoy the new new features and share with us your new avatar's look!


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