Persuasive Pound

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This is a little fun short i came up with the other day, something we can all relate to and understand. Not a selection of mine to make for university but something i wouldn't mind creating in my own time.


How would you feel if you were an inanimate object always being passed from owner to owner, being kept in the deepest darkest places and never appreciated? How would you react if you were finally given a voice, what would you say to keep from being passed on yet again..


A young male walks into his local corner shop browsing the shelves for some lunch on his break, when all of a sudden he hears a noise coming from his pocket, looking around to see if anyone else can hear it before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pound coin. Surprised to the object him with a low croaky voice telling him he needs to wash his jeans using rather strong language. The pound coin never having a voice before feeling elated and expresses all his thoughts about the humans and how they don't appreciate what him and all his coin friends do for us.


The young man at first thinks he's dreaming as no one else in the store can hear the coin, he then proceeds to ignore the pound ramblings and goes about looking for something to buy with that very pound coin, the whole time while doing so the coin tries to convince him not to spend him leading to comedic conversations between the two of them in the shop, this goes on throughout the store until they come to the counter where an ultimatum arises to whether he sells his new pocket pal for the item he's chosen, will he buy or keep this extremely Persuasive Pound coin.



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