Peshawar: Attack on PAF Base Badhaber Today

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Terrorist once again starting proving their cowardice by sending their suicide bombers to the public.After the attack in multan the previous day, they targeted Pakistan Airforce residential base today. They entered the area at night, dressed in Black clothes and white shoes, they started firing in the early hours of dawn that is the time of morning prayer and many people were on their way to Masjid. A few moment later, the locals witnessed a bomb blast. The original update from ISPR states 13 terrorist killed in the clearance after the attack. 8 soldiers and 2 army officers along with 2 civilians injured and 16 people martyred inside the Masjid. The operation started soon after the attack.

The dead bodies of terrorists lie where they have been shot to death to assure the terrorist-groups that there message has been answered in a language they talk.


This is no way Islam because Islam strictly forbids the following at the time of war:

Attacking the public,

Attacking the enemy at night,

Attacking the enemy in the places where they worship

Attacking and harming a place with women, children, elder citizens, unhealthy or disable people.

Harming buildings, plants or any other beneficial element/place

The above information was for education purpose.

Stays blessed, Good Luck.

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