Philippine Jeepney

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Beeeeep beeeep! Beep beeeep!

That awful sound you usually heard when you're roaming around Philippine streets and roads. You can see them everywhere in the Philippines specially in Manila where there are almost thousands of them roaming around everyday. These Jeepneys are much smaller than a bus but much bigger than a Taxi. It's not air-conditioned but windows are always open during and along the trip.

Jeepney is the most common way of transportation in the Philippines. It is very much cheaper rather than other vehicles like taxi's and Mrt's. Also, It is very  accessible to many passengers anywhere. 

Mostly of the time, These jeepneys are very constantly packed with many passengers.It can hold up to 30 and above passengers in just one trip. Passengers are like, They are seating in a very long bench seating closely intact with one another and facing face to face with the passenger in front of you. 

when you are about to pay or when you are pertaining to the fee. Just relax and say "Bayad po" to the driver and let your co-passengers give it to the driver or if not, tell them "pakisuyu po" for them to feel comfortable.

When you're about to stop or when you are coming near to your destination, Just shout... "Para po" or stop in english so that the driver would slowdown or stop for you to get out.

Philippine Jeepney... It's more FUN in the Philippines :)



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