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Being a great photographer is not based on the beauty of your camera and lens. Being a photographer for me are based on being creative thinking. More people now who think when they have a good camera is the one who is great photographer. I remember a post on facebook that a meme that says "I have a DSLR I am a photographer" and said another, "I have a pen I am an author" Not all the time we are given the opportunity to hear such things. Being a true photographer is measured in its being able to ability, broad thinking and his passion in this area.

Some Characteristic of a Photographer
1. Creativity - One of the most important things that should have every photographer.
2. Passion - If you do not have it, how do you evaluate abide the field.
3. Excellence - must also have a goal to achieve something about photography.

Things to avoid
1. Being arrogant 2. Artistic 3. Impatient 4. Satisfaction

And this is something what you should remember
Put the heart of everything you do ..


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