Photography : Gumamela Tropical Flower

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Gumamelas are super common in the Philippines, like almost all the houses which has gardens has this breed and it's tropical beauty would definitely entice whoever is looking at it. I couldn't help myself but take a photo of it while I was at a friend's house when we had a small gathering together with our high school mates.

I was into photography sometime ago, i even asked my father to buy me a dslr camera just so i can take better photos. Since I was in my primary school, I am into it, I have photos from those years which I had taken unprofessionally. When I went to college and somehow learned about those tools to get a better photo, i had been dreaming of having one.

It's just different once I get a nice photo, it's just fulfilling and the best part of it is that it makes me definitely happy.

More photos coming soon.

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