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In July 2012, my girlfriend and I visited an American classic car show at the lovely Tatton Park ( in Cheshire in the UK. Each year Tatton Park hosts a magnificent range of classic American cars in the sprawling grounds of this picturesque and beautiful location.

Having never been to such a show before, I knew that obviously I would see many an automobile. What I was not expecting was such a massive range of carefully restored and frankly stunning looking cars. I do not claim to be a petrol head (to quote Clarkson and his band of merry men) and could only really identify with any certainty various Ford Mustangs. This of course did not spoil my appreciation of the varied range of American classics on display. While many of the cars at the show were undoubtedly classics, one vehicle in particular caught my attention – a monster of a Hummer that I can only describe as the King Kong of cars, adorned with a hilarious looking pair of metal testicles hanging from the back bumper.

With my photographer head on I took to shooting this magnificent display of stylishly crafted vehicles. I wanted my images to capture the craftsmanship and skilful artistry that was in abundance at this excellent show, to show this artistry in wide and close up perspectives and highlight it in as much detail as possible. On reflection I feel I have achieved what I set out to do with this series of images. I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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