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As a photographer when i started for me taking photos was "photography". I was always over confident about my photographs, thinking i am the best. As the time went by i realized i know nothing about photography. Taking a photograph of a dog and uploading it on your Facebook page just to get likes is not photography but if the same photograph can explain something it can be the best photo of the century. Photography is a very huge world where you have to travel and travel and discover. It was very hard for me in the start and the world of photography does not end on likes it starts from there and not to forget the negative comments and opinions of the people, that is what really make you a better photographer. So if you are a beginner, pick up that camera start taking photographs, learn and enjoy what you do. I am here to guide all those new photographers with their work, their difficulties and queries in the simplest and the easiest way possible. Contact me if you want to ask something, if you have any difficulties in photography.

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I think saying that I am a photographer is enough

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