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Overall health consists of both physical and mental health. A person has to be physically and mentally fit. Then only life will be smooth. As seen nowadays, many people take to drugs and alcohol because of mental stress and tensions. This upsets the physical well being and life of an individual. Thus the balance of life is overthrown resulting in chronic disease, ill - health. In many cases, the stress and tension is caused by outsiders or within the family. Increased antagonistic attitudes within the family is one of the main reasons of stress and tension. Those who are restive, selfish, greedy and egoistic upset and abuse other members in the family. This causes disruption and estrangement. 

Every individual needs space and freedom. No one is a slave to another. Often when relations impose themselves on others who are kind, they become subject to their continued abuse. For example, if a person agrees to do some work like washing dishes, no one else will pitch in to help. This is like taking advantage of the kind person's behavior. Sometimes or in most cases, the kind person will end up overworked and stressed. This also leads to physical distress. Never take advantage of others but in today's world, everybody is doing just that. 

How to deal with this?

♦Be practical - no one will treat you fairly unless you demand it

♦Do not lower your self esteem

♦Learn to say No

♦Take good care of your health

♦If you feel you are abused at work or home, deal with it strictly- you are your own boss

♦Watch comedies 

♦Life is a gem - do not turn to drugs or alcohol

Life is your own, handle it carefully. Stay blessed


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