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The Philippine Entertainment makes watching local TV enjoyable. Following certain TV shows and soap operas has been a trend, while reality shows are also coming into picture. For the past few years, the franchise of the Big Brother show had also been airing in the Philippine TV. It is locally called Pinoy Big Brother. Pinoy in the sense that Pinoy means Filipino. And Big Brother is so called "Kuya" which is a Tagalog term for big bro.

The Pinoy Big Brother House or in Tagalog, "Ang Bahay ni Kuya" at night

As of this writing, the Pinoy Big Brother is still airing in the Philippines. Every season has it's own version on how housemates come in and out of the house, the mechanics changes and it seems interesting that every year, there are more and more Filipinos who want to become famous, to go inside the house and experience how it is to be inside the house of Pinoy Big Brother.

But of course the housemates or the players inside can't just stay in the house, they have to be eliminated every week depending on Big Brother's feeling. These elimination process will also go through series of nomination, each housemate will be giving points to those housemates whom they don't kind of like to be with inside the house or whatever reason it might be. The most number of votes will be nominated and the final decision will be on the hands of the home viewers who will vote to keep their bets inside the house.

The Pinoy Big Brother House or in Tagalog, "Ang Bahay ni Kuya" during the day

These votes are through sms or online votes which are all paid, this is what has been keeping the show alive aside from the major sponsors of course.

Inside Big Brother's house. Interior design's not bad!

This is the current interior design of the 737 Season.

Here is the pool. Most of the challenges are also done in here.

The living room's very nice. It has of course mirrors for the cameras to peep in and so they would know what these guys are doing inside the house.

The lucky Big Winner of course will be bringing home a lot of prizes from house and lot to millions of pesos, to cars, home appliances and whatever Big Brother has in his pockets. Now let's go through these personalities who had been so lucky to be called the Big Winner.

Pinoy Big Brother 1 - Nene Tamayo

Celebrity Edition 1 - Keanna Reeves

Teen Edition 1 - Kim Chui

Pinoy Big Brother 2 - Beatriz Saw

Celebrity Edition 2 - Ruben Gonzaga

Teen Edition Plus - Ejay Falcon

Double Up - Melisa Cantiveros

Teen Clash 2010 - James Reid

Unlimited - Slater Young

Teen Edition 4 - Myrtle Sarrosa

All In - Daniel Matsunaga

737 - This is still going on and it is the first show to have two editions in one season. Teens and regulars go through a continuosly. First season to let the public viewers can only vote once per mobile number per week as well.

Kim Chui - one of the Big Winners of the Pinoy Big Brother show while inside the Big Brother house.

Kim Chui, after winning, she had earned the title as "Teleserye Princess" of the Philippines, this is how she looks like now.

Check Kim Chui's Big Night where she won the PBB Teen Edition Big Winner:

Most of the winners and other housemates has become artists in the local network ABS CBN who had franchise the said TV Show. Kim Chui is already called a Teleserye Princess, while Melisa Cantiveros is a regular cast of some comedy shows in the said network as well. James Reid is soap opera artist too.

James Reid, right after winning the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 Edition.

James Reid - obviously, he had done a lot of exercise to achieve this body now.

The Theme Song:

Each show may it be a soap opera, news, entertainment has its own theme song and this has been the original theme song and the same one used in every season of the Pinoy Big Brother. Sand by Orange and Lemons entitled "Pinoy Ako" (means I am Filipino). Watch the official music video:

The Hosts:
Hosts of the show had been constantly changing per session but there are certain hosts who had been constant through the seasons.

Toni Gonzaga - Because of her humor and wittiness, she has been there through all the seasons except the third one.

Bianca Gonzalez - Has been the co host as well from seasons three - twelve.
There are more hosts which the show had hired from the main hosts, to Pinoy Big Brother Update, to street-side reporter, to online edition hosts and a lot more hosts who are too many to mention. These two ladies are the really constant hosts of the said show.

Pinoy Big Brother had also been awared and recognized for certain Awarding bodies in the country. In 2008, it has won the Student's Choice of Reality Show. In 2010 and 2014, PMPC Star Awards for TV had chosen Toni Gonzaga as Best Reality Program Host.

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