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Different eras of Afghanistan are along with different people who are pioneers in a special field. In Afghanistan also we had had different people who were pioneers in some fields, such as education, and fighting with some bad social customs.

     When Daoud Khan the first and the former president of Afghanistan was in power, he had provided the chance for different individuals to be pioneers especially in education. Everyone was able to go schools and Universities openly and fearlessly. According to the reports from that time, Afghan government was increasing the number of both schools and Universities by allocating lands for them. Girls were able to be innovative in education field as well. For example, they had had the right of expressing, and giving ideas about varying the even the lesson plans. On the contrary, there were some regimes that suppressed the pioneers not only in education, but in other fields, such as social issues, too.

Taliban era


     When first Taliban took the power in Afghanistan, they closed the doors of girls' schools. Girls were banned to attend schools and Universities. All pioneers ran from the country away. For example, they left the country as refugees for Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and some other Western and European countries.

     Girls were not able to be innovative in social issues, too. They were not able to be out of their houses without burqas. Whether a woman appeared alone in bazaar, it was considered a big sin. There for, they have been whipped by them in front of the public's eyes. In shorter words, they had changed Afghan situation for Afghan girls into a hell.

In the contrast, today's circumstance is absolutely upside down.

Today's women


     Despite some challenges Afghan girls today face, they enjoy most of the rights they were deprived of in Taliban era. For example, today they are visible in bazaars even without wearing burqas as well as they have got the right of freedom of express. Girls' schools are again opened. They go to Universities as well. Even we have got some better pioneers in education and social affairs now. For instance, Afghan Citadel Software Company is a big sample. It is a company led by Afghan women for the empowerment of not only Afghan women, but also women who live in the developing countries.

     ACSC, builds free internet classes for Afghan girls. For instance, it has already built nine internet labs for Herat, Afghanistan's girls' schools. In addition, they teach them how to use and how to create social networks, such as Film Annex, Face book, Twitter, G-mail and etc. Hereby, they have fought with some social challenges, such as extremism, and illiteracy.

      In short words, they are a sample for not only education development in the country, but also they inspire other women to be dynamic in education field.

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