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Zoo is a place where the animals are kept. The zoo is the place where we can see the animals and can research on them. A visit to zoo gives us more information about the animals. We can see many animals in the zoo. They were in their cages and eating and playing. Some of them were very dangerous they can kill the humans very quickly like tigers, lions, snakes, bears, etc. we can handle these animals but we need a lot of practice. Many animals or birds were so cute and lovely like cats, dogs, chickens, parrots, monkeys, etc. we can keep them with us.

My friends and I go to zoo many times and we saw the tiger. It has long shape teeth’s. A man was standing with that tiger are we are shocked and were very scared. We heard that the tiger can eat everybody. We moved to the next station there was a bear eating his meal. It has long and sharp nails. We don’t disturb him and move forward. There are dogs in that cage. We see the dog many times and were not interested. We move forward there are monkeys eating bananas and they were having fun. The sound is very loud. We make our way to next cages there are snakes in those cages many type of snake were in there.

We see many more animals and we want to see animals more but our time is over so we came back home.


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