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Hurtling around the sun are 8 planets. Those closest to the sun-Mercury, venus, our home planet Earth and Mars - are made up of rock. Most of the outer planets such as Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-and Neptune- are called " gas planets" because all we see of them is their gas. All 8 travel in the same direction around the sun.

The time taken to make one circuit, or orbit, increases with distance. Mercury takes just 88 earth days to orbit, while Neptune's longer journey journey takes 164.8 Earth days. JUPITER... Is one of the most largest planets in space and also known to be the fastest orbiter. Mainly made of hydrogen and hellium. SATURN.. This is known as the second largest planet in space. It is distinguished by its circle around it which is made of billions of pieces of dirty water ice. Saturn is mainly hydrogen & hellium with a rocky inside. SATURN This is a very cold planet and also very heavy dense foggy looking. This planets tilts to its side.

MERCURY... Mercury is very dry. It is one of the smallest planets and the closest to the sun. During the day then temperatures reach to the scorching hottest point where as at night it drops to the coldest it could get. VENUS.. Venus is one of the hottest planets. This rock world is permanently covered by thick cloud that traps heat & makes it a very gloomy planet.

NEPTUNE.. This is one of the most distant , coldest , and windiest of all 8 planets. It is mainly made up if water. MARS.. Sometimes called the red planet. It is again very very cold and very dry. EARTH... The only known place known to have life is earth. Quite large in size and consists of having just 1 moon whereas most of the other planets have multiple numbers of moons......

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