Plasma state

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It is a viscous type of liquid and also known as forth state of matter such as plasma.An English chemist William crookes discovered it in 1879.The consistence of plasma in our visible univers is about 99%.Plasma is also known as an ionized gas mixture which consists of ions,electrons and neutral atoms.Fluorescent bulb,neon sign etc are the common example of man-made plasma.

Formatin of plasma:-

                                 When atoms and molecules are ionized then plasma is formed.Many atoms or molecules of plasma are ionized by giving more heat to substance.For example: when a gas is heated at high temperature ,the cloud of free electrons,ions and neutral atoms are produces.The mixture of ionized gas which consist of ions,electrons and neutral atoms of ionized gas is called plasma.Tje formation pf plasma is shown in the figure.

Hydrogen exist in molecular state at 〖25〗^0C , in atomic state at 〖200〗^0C ,and in plasma state at 〖100000〗^0C.

Types of plasma:-

                             Plasma has been categorized into two types.The first one is natural plasma and the second one is artificial plasma.Whaen electric current passes through a gas,then an artificial plasma is produces.Artificial plasma is low temperature plama and the reaction of it with any incoming molecule takes place very rapidly.On the other hand,against artificial plasma the natural plasma is very hot and having temperature over 〖20000〗^0C.The vaporization of any material which touches it takes place in a few moment.

Properties of plasma:-

Electric current can passes through plasma.

Electromagnetic field is produce around plasma.

Plasma is as a whole neutral.

In plasma equal number of electrons and ions are present.

The state of matter in plasma is unique,fascinating and very complex.

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