Plastics Causes Various Diseases

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How much you are Living Naturally?

Do you know exactly, what is the percentage of you using from the Plastic Products daily?

Can you imagine a day of your Life without using from a single Plastic Products?

In a modern World most of the Products we are using daily is made by Plastic, just see around and notice the things around yourself, count them

Let’s do it to gather…

Carry Bags, some of the Plates and Glasses, the external cover of the different Instruments, the most Important thing that we are using daily is our cloths which has certainly a percentage of plastic in it, you may think what I am saying what that little percentage of Plastic can do ??

Science and Technology development in modern World has made the Human Life very convenient but this development has caused to be far from the natural Life and so that different diseases are created and besides these all the usage from the Natural Resources has decreased, there are less Natural Foods and everything.

The recent researched which has done in India has shown that the usage from the Plastic Products has caused to store a percentage of Plastic in body of the Citizens of the researched City and it means that we may not believe it is dangerous but little by little it is getting dangerous so better to know the side effects and find the alternatives for that products and have a Healthy and Natural Life.

Moreover, using Plastics are harmful for the Environment and Nature, it makes the Environment polluted and dirty, for an instance you can imagine that a City has 3 Million citizens and if you consider that each of them are using a Carry Bag in a day then after a month there will be tons of Plastic bags which are used as well their Recycling is another problem because while Recycling the Plastics have to be melted and its smoke will Pollute the air till they make another Product from them but the question is that till which time these procedures will continue, at the end its wastage will be remained without any changes in Earth. So the best way is to use the alternate options and inform and make the People aware of the danger and harms of the Plastics and Advise them to use the Natural Resources which is good for them as well for the World.




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