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Do you know the kinds of plastic? There are two kinds of plastic: plastic (tupperware) and plastic (person pretending to be good). 

Actually, we see everywhere the first plastic I've mentioned (tupperware) mostly in the kitchen. But the second plastic is becoming plastic as pretending to be good person. I know many plastic persons even my bloodlike are too plastic too. They are just there if they are in need, if they know they can have something on you. 

Honestly, I do really hate those plastic persons. I don't know what are their reasons to continue showing plastic attitudes to other people? Have you tried to be one or you are? 

If I were you, don't be like that because you will lose someone in your life and the worst maybe the one you truly loved. Showing the really you will never kill you, will never let you down, will never let you loved ones leave you. 



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