Poem: Darkness Broken

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The darkness

So complete

And a perfect

Seal for all.

My mind is contained

By this seal

For all eternity

Or so I believed.

She appeared

Out of nowhere

Possibly from

Nothingness itself.

Suddenly my heart

Pounded on my

Barrier with

All its power.

A spider web of

Cracks formed

Feelings that

Were locked away.

Pieces fell away

And all my pain

Broke back onto

My mind and soul.

Then something

Else came, so

Alien to me that

I didn’t know what it was.

Crashing through

The hatred and

Through the pain

It took over.

So powerful

That I fell

To my knees

In slow motion.

A warmth of

Feeling colliding

Through my

Very being.

In an instant

A connection

Formed with

Something I read.

It all fit

The symptoms

All exactly

Like the thing.

A thing called…

What was it called…

Oh I remember…


The realization

Hit me like

A bag of bricks

From the sky.


Fell into the

Back burners of

My mind.

All my being

Focused on this

Feeling that

I never knew.

It was the

Only thing

That mattered

To me above all.

Then before

I was to late

I walked up

To her and asked.

Would you like to

get a coffee together?

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