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Thanks to that blog from Coin_Brief about the interview they had come with the owner of bitlanders and we were able to recognize who is indeed the founder and the man behind this amazing site. I love to know that he is being visible to all the users.

There were points that I had noted during the interview which I really appreciated, those ideas were brilliant and that I truly salute him for that.

- Introduction to Bitcoin -
I definitely agree with him that this site had given us, the users the easiest way of introducing bitcoin through those interactive characters and pages here in bitlanders. I had no idea what bitcoin and satoshi was all about and this was the first site which introduced me to, then I came to learn that other sites are also engaging with this new currency.

- Content Reviews -
So I had also noted it when he said that they had been very innovative in terms of giving their users new ways of earning. I salute to Francesco's idea of paying the Bitlanders team for the content review and giving back bigger than the investment! I had benefited on this and I believe other users as well as long as we are giving quality contents to the site.

- Avatars -
This was really interesting because when I first hopped into this site, I thought it was weird that these avatars are instead being used and there's no option to use your own photo but I fully understand now the concept. Having been able to work in a country as well where faces specially for women are being covered, I do truly agree that using avatar is better and yes I like to think that we do not discriminate a certain user because of his or her outer features. I love the avatar concept now!

- Buzzes and Gems -
As I had mentioned, this site had been very innovative in terms of giving their users new gimmicks, new ways of earning. I love how gems can give Bitlanders their own share while we as users gain as well from the site. I love the fact that I didn't invest anything monetary except my own effort and ideas.

- Donations -
I love the fact that we can earn here and we can also bless others through the donations we give back. Kudos to bitlanders for this being a gateway for us to also share our blessings to others specially those of the other part of the world.

- TIps -
I have heard about this when I started joining other sites which pays bitcoins too and they have this feature of giving tips but I haven't really tried the option. I guess I will try it when it comes to Bitlanders.

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