Points To Remember while Splicing the OFC:

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Safety First!

Small scraps of glass i.e. cleaved-off ends of the fibers being terminated or spliced is very dangerous! They are extremely sharp and are basically glass needles that will easily penetrate flesh then break off and become nearly impossible to remove. Once in the body it will likely become infected. If they get into the eyes, they are very hard to flush out.. Always follow these rules when working fiber.

  • Find and dispose –off all cut fiber fragments immediately after cutting.
  • Dispose-off all scraps properly
  • Handle cut fiber fragments with tweezers only
  • Do not drop them on the floor where they will stick in carpet or shoes and be carried elsewhere.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that no fiber fragments ‘escape’ and injure someone. If you lose fiber fragment you must look until you find it.
  • Fiber fragments can stick to the cover of the cleaver. Move slowly when opening the cover. Always look on the inside of the cover if you don’t see your fragment on the shelf of the cleaver.
  • If you can’t find your fragment, get more light on the subject and work area.
  • Do no move the cleaver until the fragment has been found.
  • Use a magnifying glass if you need to but FIND THAT FRAGMENT.
  • Do not eat or drink anywhere the work area.
  • The light in Transmission system is infrared and you can’t see it therefore always be careful with your eyes.
  • When using a fiber optic microscope. Never look into a fiber unless you personally confirm no light is present. Use power meter to check it.

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