Pokematic, A Rant on Symbolism

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I'm just going to come out and say "I don't like fight club." Say what you will, but I found the movie to be convoluted, boring, and way to preachy. After reading a comment left on a review that shares my opinion, I see that it falls under the English class book flaw of "you need to dig for the deeper meaning for it to be good." I mean, my one friend already kind of explained that you need to look for the deeper meaning for it to be good, but not to the extent of this commenter, and that just makes me dislike the movie even more. I hate "you must find the deeper meaning for it to be good." From an entertainment perspective, I'm lazy. I just want to be entertained. If something has a message, I'm cool with that, so long as it doesn't distract from the entertainment and the entertainment is still good on the surface. However, it needs to be entertaining on the surface. If I need to sit there and dissect what was happening in order to uncover some deeper message so that I can have some sort of feeling of accomplishment, well then screw that I'll go do something simpler. The Last of Us had like a deeper message about love and family, and you discover that by blasting zombies heads off. Catcher in the Rye had a deeper meaning about...something, and you have to discover it after shifting through some whiny teen complaining about first world problems. Needless to say I didn't waste my time on discovering that deeper meaning and went to read The Electric Tail of Pikachu after finishing the required reading for that day. I hate "you need to find the symbolism for it to be good." Anything like that is a major turn off. I'm not Sherlock, I just want blind entertainment. I don't care if it's so shallow I can step in a puddle of it and not get my feet wet. Was it entertaining? Yes. Then it was worth my time. I don't care if it's so deep it goes all the way to China. Was I entertained? No. Then it was a waste of my time. Unless of course I now understand a gazillion references. 2001 a space odyssey; rather boring, probably a lot of deeper meaning that I missed, and I would consider it a waste of time but now 15 years of pop culture references make sense, so worth it, but only once. Well that's my rant. Hope you enjoyed.


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