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Let me start out with this, I love "The Blair Witch Project." It's my favorite horror movie. It doesn't rely on gore to scare you. It doesn't rely on a large number of gruesome deaths to scare you. It uses a first person perspective to tell the story and you don't know what's going on. It was done with a small budget and was shot on a camcorder without the use of expensive film equipment and crew, and it was super successful. So naturally, people wanted to make their own version of Blair Witch, and that's what this movie is.

Now let me say this, from a technical movie critic standpoint, this movie is absolute garbage. The acting is terrible. The story has been done before in a much better way. The sound and lighting is terrible. Everything is rushed. It's just a collection of 10 minute attempts at Blair Witch with some "try to hard to be funny" "commercials" in between. And you know what, I loved every minute of it.

Yeah, that's right, I loved this terrible movie. Why? Because it's basically the kind of things I make with my film friends. We make some pretty bad movies. They take things seriously, but I just want to have fun with it. And yes, watching other people's attempts at making movies can be really painful if they're trying to do "art house" things like that, but when it's a comedy, you can't help but laugh at the terribleness. It's like they're actively trying to be bad. That, or they really are that bad.

So what is "The Bogus Witch Project?" Well as I said before, it's a collection of 10 minute spoofs of "The Blair Witch Project" loosely tied together with some "horror movie style commercials" (like advertizing "America's Scariest Home Videos") as someone runs through the woods. All the spoofs are made by amateur filmmakers and actors who just want to make their own Blair Witch Project. None ever take themselves seriously. At least 3 of them take place in a city and have fun with that aspect. One of the shorts basically is a commentary of how much swearing is in the actual Blair Witch Project. Another one makes fun of the fact that The Blair Witch Project was so successful. I thought that all the shorts were funny in their own rights.

Also, there's one short in particular that really stood out to me, and that's "The Bel Air Witch Project." Why, because it stared Jenna Leigh Green," aka, "Libby from Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Yeah, in this movie, she fought a different kind of witch, lol.

So what do I have to say about "The Bogus Witch Project?" This movie is for a very select group of people. This is almost universally hated by critics and average Joes. This movie will ONLY appeal to fans of The Blair Witch Project AND bad comedic amateur short films. You have to have both, otherwise, you will likely hate it like everyone else. Well this has been Pokematic signing off and bu-bye.

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