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Egypt is a country where government stabilization had been applied in the reign of Mubarek. After the fall of the Mubarek Administration, Egyptians have made hope of seeing great Egypt were Democracy, industrialization and economic integrity has maintained. Sadly, their hope has nothing more than just a wish. After Mohammed Mursi controlled Egypt, the initial condition of the country was nice. However, after a while the internal disagreement has made to end the governance of Muhammod Mursi. Then, the Egyptians have started to take a side to two groups, Mursi supporters and Anti Mursi Supporters. At that particular time, Egyptians became divided so that the internal political stability of the country has been reuined. The government of Egypt has banned hundreds of Mursi supporters who tried to protest in Cairo and other cities. Mursi supporters said that it was not fair to take former President Muhammod Mursi into Jail so that he must be released and restored to his political position. During the Ramadan season, they pray to Allah to release the president but still now there is nothing new happened. On the other hand, the other group of the Egyptian people, the anti-Mursi community, said that President Muhammad Mursi must stay in prison so that the political and social impact of the society could have grown without any barrier.


 Whatever the case is the fate of the future Egypt is still under the power of the people. The people should come to one agreement by proclaiming a national meeting held with fair and free political agenda. If this is not possible, the UN peace keeping committee should come to the country and try to give a logically acceptable agreement. We need our Africa to be a continent free from internal and external conflict having a great future of peace and development. The time is for mother Africa to prosper and get real work opportunity which cannot be stopped by any other external power. Egyptian illness is our illness and we should never be ignorant of watching our Africa to be a field of war and havoc. If we fail to keep our promises alive, we are liars and there is no other alien will seek our Africa to be a platform of powerful economic arena than Africans. We must stand firm and willing to take possible actions for the restoration of peaceful Africa!

 Mama Africa Today and Forever!!!


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