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The greedy man has turned lush green fields into industrial areas. Even wild life is on the verge of extinction. It is feared that due to the non-availability of proper food, the wild animals like elephants, bears and lions that roam the earth, will disappear. Machines have made man greedy. Excessive use of pesticides on farms has made the rural areas polluted. Many poor farmers while spraying pesticides on their crops fall a victim to the poisonous air and breathe their last. The destruction of forest and extermination of green field indicate that we are leading an unhealthy life.


Fishes too, are non safe form pollution. A few years ago, thousands of fishes died because on oil vessel caught fire in the ocean. Sea life is in danger because the noises of ships and submarines have caused it a threat.


Even the corn that we are taking into our bodies is not pure. That is why, we have fallen victim to several diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, Aids and skin allergy etc. They have robbed man of his happy life. We are leading a life that is constantly in danger of being attacked by horrible diseases.


All the countries of the world should make joint efforts to get rid of this menace. Industrial estates should be set up outside the residential areas and the installation of industries in other areas should be made illegal. Fertile fields should not convert into industrial areas. The use of pesticides should be made on limited scale and the illiterate farmers should be given proper education about the use of such poisonous medicines and the harmful 

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