Pollution monitoring

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• Environmental Balance Sheet of the medium (level 0, I, II) to establish and quantify the compliance of quality environmental components potentially affected by the activities of economic agents; submission of compliance programs in order to obtain environmental permits necessary for the operation of installations / economic units, privatization / sale of assets, termination of activities
• induced impact assessment studies on environmental quality in order to obtain the environmental approval of new investment required to achieve economic objectives or decommissioning
• Studies of environmental risk assessment (hazard identification, their likelihood and magnitude of the effect)
• Develop a scheme balances solvents and VOC emission reduction objectives sites whose activities are subject HG 699/2003 establishing measures to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities and installations with subsequent amendments
• Investigations in the field for determining soil quality, groundwater - assessing the damage to quality as a result of performance and / or the state of reference quality (in achieving environmental documentation for the promotion of new investments, removal of economic objectives, sales assets or cease activities)
• Assessment of the effects induced on the quality of aquatic ecosystems and groundwater discharge wastewater effluents into natural and induced the accumulation of risk identification and / or dispersion of pollutants
• Studies investigating and assessing soil and subsoil in order to quantify the damage to them and establish responsibility for restoring geological environment; determining the geological environment pollutants and their spatial delimitation relationship matrix pollutants geological environment
• Hazard Determination waste by investigating their quality and achievement leaching tests to establish classes of deposit acceptable to waste - in accordance with the requirements of the Order. MMGA no. 95/2005
• Monitoring the quality of environmental components: water (wastewater, groundwater, surface) and SOL in accordance with the provisions of the companies compliance programs.

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