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Pollution is one of the greatest problems being faced by human society today. Almost all the countries of the world are confronted with this problem. Air has become polluted, man is unable to inhale oxygen freely owing to smoke and lack of pure air and the survival of living species is becoming difficult. Men and plants equally face this state of affairs.


The environment has become impure and unclean. There are multifarious reasons for this problem.  The Industrial Revolution brought many evils in its wake and one of them is pollution. Smoke coming out of chimneys has polluted the pure air of cities and villages. Automobiles running on the roads emit poisonous smoke. Not only do they discharge smoke but also a horrible noise that causes pollution.


 It is feared that the rose of rickshaws, buses, trucks and other vehicles is making us deaf. Unchecked growth of technology occupied with rapid increase in population has made the whole atmosphere unattractive and charmless.

With the advent of technology, human society entered into a field devoid of natural beauty. Forces were wiped away and instead huge industries were erected. Plants and vegetation disappeared. Flowers that give out sweet smell are hardly found in urban areas.

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