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POLLUTION:it is the prosses of making our surrounding unsafe,dirty or unspecific for use.

pollution is of different types.it may be water,soil,air or noise pollution.here we discuss one by one.

AIR POLLUTION: the main source of air pollution in pakistan is automobiles,mineral dust,gases and industries.Air poluution dissturbed the whole atmosphere.It cause many diseases that is loss of vision.It also cause acid rain which damage our soil and or vegetation and aquatic life.

WATER POLLUTION:water pollution occure when chemical or dangerous substance are introduce into water and make water unuseful for life.water pollution is cause by industries wastes and it is harmful for aquatic life as well as for human being.causes of water pollution is sewage,chemical waste,waste water and alien species etc

NOISE POLLUTION:Noise pollution effect the enviroment even we can not see or smell noise pollution.noise pollution occure when sounds come frome industries,automobiles,planes and from different sourses reached to a high level.


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