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Pollution plays an important role to the beauty of the world. If the world will be pollution. It will lose his beauty. So we will have to take the steps for saving the beauty of the world.


There many kinds of pollution.

1-    Noise pollution:-

                    Now a day’s population of the world increasing day by day. That’s why there is lots of traffic on the road. The noise of the horns of vehicles is noise pollution. This creates the lots of disturbance in the mind. And this also became the cause of head ache on the other way. We use the heavy loud speakers and sound system. This is also the way of causing the noise pollution.


2-    Air pollution:-

                     Because the population of the world day by day. There for all countries are building the industries to complete the needs. The smoke of the industries pollution the air. And also the smoke of the vehicles pollutes the air. This is air pollution.


3-    Water pollution:-

                     Now a day’s water pollution becomes the main problem at many places. The sewerage system pollutes the water under the soil. There are the types of noise pollution. We will have taken the steps for keep our surroundings neat and clean.