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The word "pollut" means to distort the purity or sanitity and to make (water etc) foul or filthy.

Man is a social animal but as a species, has to fit into an ecological context. A balance of relationship between him and his environment is necessary. Man depends upon other forms of life, upon corn and upon animals meat and must learn to respect nature and Earth.
 Man's progress has distributed the balance of nature. Uncontrolled growth of technology and passion of industrial production now stands compounded with another factor i.e global warming.


There are three kinds of pollution namely Earth pollution, Air pollution and Water pollution.
 Pollution can be seen in the indiscriminate cultivation of land, the destruction of forest and the elimination of active species. The use of pesticides and herbicides is also poisoning our earth.
 Industrial waste and emission pose a major and perhaps lasting threat to life. The wind is spreading the toxic substance. Food  chain is also being infected by the water movement and animal's migration over vast areas of the earth's surface. The emission of carbon mono oxide, sulpher oxide and hydrocarbon is increasing day by day. These discharges are  infecting revers, lakes and seas. is also leading to the weather irregularities.

  The word "pollution" has entered the vocabulary of the developing countries and foreign governments are paying more attention to its reasons and consequences. Taj Mahal at Agra  is already suffering the effects of atmosphere. Now the mausoleum of Quaid-e- Azam is facing the air pollution.
 If the pollution is not controlled, the water of rivers and canals would endanger marine animals and human life. Vehicle's owners  should be advised to control extra  smoke and such vehicles should be challaned. The government should also warn mill owners to control the waste and smokes of their factories.


 It is our duty to control pollution. We must keep our surrounding clean and neat. We should establish and maintain a beneficial relationship with the rest of nature. All activities which pollute the earth or waste its means, must be controlled.


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