Popeye encourages kids to eat more vegetables, claims study

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It is really great that Popeye encourages kids to eat more vegetables, claims study. With his huge biceps & vegetarian diet, Popeye has been credited with encouraging millions of children to eat spinach since 1930s. Popeye, who was produced by Elzie Crisler Segar for the thimble theatre comic strip & 1st showed up on screen in 1933, is acknowledged with helping save the US spinach industry in the 1930s.


Experts found that kids who regularly viewed Popeye scoffing spinach prior to his animated fights with his arch-rival Bluto, more than doubled their vegetable intake. The children, older 4 and 5, ate four portions of vegetables a day after watching the cartoon idol compared to two prior to the research.



Professor Chutima Sirikulchayanonta, who led the analysis at Mahidol University in Bangkok, stated that: "We got the kids planting veggie seeds, participating in fruits & vegetable tasting events, cooking vegetable soup, & watching Popeye cartoons.” This individual additionally declared Popeye did not influence an increase in the kids' fruit intake, but that this was possibly due to the fact they already enjoyed a good amount of fruits in their diet.


Scientists said that the experiment, which also motivated kids to plant their own vegetables, led to the twenty-six volunteers getting more interest in eating a healthy diet. Research a few months ago found that sales of tinned spinach, like the kind consumed by Popeye, increased by twenty-four percent last season to become one of Britain’s fastest selling processed vegetables.

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