Popeye Nearlyweds - A true cartoon classic!

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Take a look at this classic Popeye cartoon from 1957. It is still really funny today:



Even the opening credits are amusing as Popeye breaks through the Paramount logo! This cartoon begins with Popeye proposing to Olive as his rival Bluto comes in and says he also wants her hand in marriage. Olive then says “eeny, meeny, mino,mo” and chooses Popeye to be her groom as he does cartwheels of joy. She tells him to come back at 3 o’clock when she’ll be all dressed up for the wedding. He then raises her into the air.

Bluto pretends to have taken the news well and says, “You win, congratulations old pal” as he shakes Popeye’s hand and goes out saying that the best man won but then laughs sadistically behind the door, just as Popeye is ‘walking on air’ after one of Olive’s kisses.

In the next scene, Popeye hums ‘here comes the bride’ whilst sitting in the bath. Bluto then sneaks in with some quick drying cement and the bath dries around Popeye.  Popeye then opens a can of spinach from his bathroom cabinet, has a taste and the cement collapses.

Bluto tries all sorts of other tactics to ruin the wedding day. He hammers nails in Popeye’s shoes, puts his clock forward, glues his chair and even smashes a hand-mirror and adds a brush to it, so that Popeye thinks he need a shave! Everything proceeds to go wrong for Popeye and Bluto appears at the window singing, ‘here comes the groom, dressed like a loon’. Popeye swings for him, but then rushes off thinking he can just about make the wedding.

Olive, meanwhile, is happily getting ready, chopping a net curtain for her veil. Popeye turns up in a barrel while Olive tells him off and shuts the door in his face. Bluto sarcastically congratulates him.

Olive walks off ready to marry Bluto instead to the ‘Justice of Peace’. A list of husbandly duties is read out and Bluto covers his ears and changes his mind saying “No, no, that’s not for me!” He leaves the room through the wall! The minister turns out to be Popeye in disguise who then laughs his famous ‘ugh, ugh, ugh’ laugh!

This really is a very amusing cartoon and should appeal to the whole family.

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