Popeye's Influence on Society

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If something has to be censored, then definitely it has the prospective to exert some impact on people. Or else, no-one would hassle to censor it. So what has been Popeye's cartoons influence on society?

Perhaps Popeye's most well known influence has been in getting more children (or at least more US families) to eat spinach. It is revealed that, when Popeye 1st showed up in the 1930s & easily gained popularity, US spinach intake increased by thirty-three percent. Since then, Popeye has obtained his own brand of spinach, & has had statues erected to him in various spinach-producing cities. Popeye's face can be found on posters, T-shirts, and all sorts of things.

Popeye was also one of the 1st cartoons to be merchandised on a large scale (with lunch boxes, toys, etc.). And, as among the 1st animated characters with super powers (in this case, motivated by spinach consumption), he is revealed to have motivated the makers of later popular superheroes, including Superman. Popeye has been used not only for spinach (and ineffectively for Quaker oatmeal) in advertising, but also for a number of other "healthy" items, such as cereal, an iron-fortified breakfast shake, hearty Campbell's soup, &  Minute Maid orange juice (in this commercial, the juice is so excellent that it creates Bluto & Popeye best buddies- they even get matching "friends for life" tattoos!).

Another of Popeye's (debated, & unusual) efforts is the phrase "jeep" to our language- the vehicle was apparently known as after the character Eugene the Jeep on the display, and the purpose for the name was even unfamiliar person, having to do with Eugene's wonderful fourth-dimensional properties.

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