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  1. Was the positioning successful?.. How?

Regarding the old era; They succeeded in their positioning because the people perception was when they hear Kodak sound, they remember the yellow color of the box which is very successful positioning for Kodak. And Regarding the new era; they failed because they didn’t convey the people perception from the conventional photography to digital. too few consumers are familiar with the Kodak Digital Science brand. And it is too difficult to change the perception  the people that they were familiar with the conventional photography to digital. However, the Kodak brand has been tied with conventional photographic film since it was introduced in 1885, and the reputation will be hard to change.


  1. Is there any mistake in branding the product?.. explain

Yes, there was a mistake in branding; they focused on old conventional photography at a time when the market was starting to head towards digital photography, and they still knowing as a yellow boxes and for the product they didn't offer digital camera as product but they make digital system to associate the old product with the digital era, and  the market shift towards digital photography constitutes ‘a howling, horrifically difficult challenge’ for the brand.

And there are not enough retailers were interested in stocking the cameras and films, and there were not enough places where the Advantix films could get processed.


  1. If you are the brand manager, what will you do to correct these mistakes and build a good brand equity.(Model & elements)

If I am a brand manager, I would invest more on the digital camera because it is an excellent opportunity to get the new market from the beginning and also I would keep the conventional photography as well, and regarding the product life cycle the conventional photography is in the maturity and getting through the decline stage but the digital camera is in the introduction stage which is the future of the industry


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