Positive Thinking - Is It Always Effective?

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Perhaps we all heard many times that positive thinking is very important to our success. There are several books to prove this hypothesis. Anyone without long thinking will say that the communication with the person who is cheerful and happy is more fun, and not with the one to whom everything is bad. But most importantly, our mindset create our future. Let's talk about how positive thinking affects our life, relationships, and our success. 

Positive thinking is not only beneficial to health. Positive thoughts full of joy, love, and hope help to produce microelements that make us feel good. In a word, it's like a closed circle - if we feel bad, it produces materials that make things even worse, and positive thoughts help to produce happiness hormones.

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. - Zig Ziglar

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Think positively. This is an advice given by the bunch of self-help gurus. Do you want to lose weight? Imagine yourself slim. Want a better job? Believe that you can get it. Want to find love? Believe that you deserve it. The power of positive thinking will make your life the best. Or not?

A more effective brain activity, an uplifting mood leads to stronger immunity, and at the same time, it boosts success in life. We all like good mood people. So they are much easier to succeed in both professional and personal lives. People program themselves for success or failure. Have you ever heard that someone succeed who is constantly grumbling that life is unfortunate, and nothing good can happen?

7 Keys to a Positive Personality | Brian Tracy  - Video credit: BrianTracySpeaker via Youtube.com

How to Combine Positive Thinking With Other Actions to Really Achieve Positive Results?

Recently I have had an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of popular but sometimes blind or just naive positivism. Although many times in my life I was convinced that actively promoted positivism really encourages important and good changes (therefore, books of this kind I recommend to others).

Positive thinking in my personal success formula is not really the only element that helps to achieve the desired things. Sometimes I meet the people who live in a world of passive illusions and beliefs that even without taking any significant steps and just by positively programming their subconscious, miracles begin in life. 


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In reality, the magic of changes begins when we, being positive and believing in ourselves, with the help of the Universe, begin to change our lives.

Such thoughts prompted the idea of writing about what the elements should fulfill the positive thinking to really bring benefits and help to fulfill our wishes and dreams.

Years ago, a popular movement of positive thinking in the United States did spread across the globe, infecting huge masses with its ideas.

Think only positively and optimistically, because you will attract only good things. Despite everything, believe that everything will work well, work daily with yourself repeating the positive statements that program your subconscious, dream and let the universe to fulfill your dreams, and all your desires will become a reality! - Amber255

At first sight, it seems that such a theory based on beautiful principles give only positive results, but is it really?

As many examples show, the basic ideas of positive thinking often lead to a boost to large and very positive changes. They actually stimulate self-confidence, teach to comprehend, imagine our dreams and visualize them, and teach to appreciate and thank the things that are already here.


Law of Attraction - Photo credit: el mostrador via Twitter

What Does Positive Thinking Give To Us?

  • Self-confidence

When we believe that we succeed, when we radiate our self-confidence, then everything we do is going better.

  • Good mood is a necessary attribute of success

Have you seen any successful person who is constantly in a bad mood? Probably not. So, the good, sunny mood given by positive thinking really contributes in one way or another to the fact that we eventually succeed. In addition, being positive, even responding to failures, we react more calmly, more philosophically, and are able to get out of it more easily.

  • Appreciate what we have

Regular daily gratitude for the already existing and achieved things, which is taught by the positive thinking movement, promotes not only a thorough analysis of the current situation (to understand for what we can thank we have to take time to think about how much everything we have already), but also produce a good mood.  Our folk wisdom says that the rich man is not the one who has much, but the one who thinks that he has enough. 


The Power of Positive Thinking  -  Photo credit: Simon Camby via Twitter

  • Visualization of desires and dreams

One of the main principles of positive thinking is a detailed vision of your dreams and desires, which is, in fact, a very important part of the success formula.  Only in a fairy tale, we can get what we do not know and go where we do not know. Only by continuously analyzing, thinking, and visualizing our desires, in other words, knowing exactly what we want, we have a chance to get it.

  • Positive programming of the subconscious and daily work with ourselves

A very important principle that guides the movement of positive thinking is the so-called Law of Attraction. The principle of its operation explains that a person is like a magnet that attracts the things - positive or negative - about which one he thinks most and to which he concentrates most. It is said that our subconscious blindly accepts those statements and more specifically the images that we send to it most often and it rushes to realize them. For this reason, positivists strongly urge daily work with yourself by programming your subconscious with optimistic statements.  As examples show, people who are able to slow down and find time to work with themselves, self-analysis and self-search, are doing better.

The Journey Of Purpose  - Video credit: Jake Ducey via Youtube.com

In other words, positive thinking really has a positive effect, but here, as elsewhere, is another side of the coin.

To deal with the difficulties and to bring positive changes in life, it is not only necessary to think positively and expect all obstacles to be removed by the generous Universe, but also to take rational, deliberate, and active action.

To ignore our problems by inserting head into the sand constantly repeating that everything is and will be well - it's definitely not an option because the difficulties cannot be solved by itself. The two ways of positive thinking should be distinguished here. It is unconditional and naive positivism and rational positivism. Unfortunately, the naive positivism can even harm the implementation of our dreams.


Optimism  -  Photo credit: youtube.com

The Main Disadvantages of Naive Positivism

  • Taking out the responsibility from our shoulders, leaving everything to take their own course, more precisely, solved by the Universe.

Have you read The Secret? I did. So, there is a question given what to do to make the dream a reality in addition to visualization? The author answers that nothing need to do, just leave everything to the Universe. I understand that the creators of such thoughts did not mean to let it go by itself completely, but the emphasis is really insufficient on the fact that not the Universe, but your own hands have to implement these dreams.

I think that the right process takes place when, first, you know what you want and believe that you will get it. At the same time, you have to be alert, follow the signs sent to you by the universe, and see the opportunities sent to you that you have to use. But everything else is your own decisions and live with its consequences.


Positive Thinking - Photo credit: markinternational.info

  • It has not an action plan mentioned

If we want to do big jobs, achieve high levels of career and personal growth, if we have big dreams and ambitions, it is not enough only the use of the opportunities sent by the universe.  Life taught me that there is the only one way how to make prompt and proper implementation of large projects is to rationally and efficiently use the time and resources available. 

And here the main tool is the continuous planning of short-term, day-to-day, and long-term actions taking into account both the current situation and changes in circumstances. Only with a precise and rational plan, how we want to fulfill our desires, only when planning our daily, weekly, and monthly work, we can rationally use our time, flexibly adapt to changing circumstances, taking into account the action plan and then enjoy the fruits of work.


Visualization of Successful life  -  Photo credit: articulos.cesarlozano.com

  • Encouragement to ignore current issues

I criticize the belief that everything is and will always be good. This prompts the total ignorance of the current situation and problems, illusory belief that there are no difficulties, and they will resolve by itself. Unfortunately, with the rare exceptions, all the difficulties we have to solve by ourselves. Of course, if we always concentrate on those areas of life that are not happy about, we will always be concerned full of anxiety, anger, grievances, and just bad mood. Such a mood does not solve the problems. 

So, the only way to overcome the challenges is to use positive, rational thinking and healthy optimism, to actually accept and assess the situation and make decisions. And also - do not ignore the opportunities that have taken place, but accept optimistically the new, perhaps even better, opportunities that we should use properly.


Rational Positivism - Photo credit: beliefnet.com

The Way To Get Positive Results

First of all, know yourself.

Only by refusing the masks or expectations imposed by families and society, only knowing who we really are, what we want and what we want to be, having only given enough time for comprehensive knowledge of ourselves, we can enter the true Heart path where we do not need to pretend being someone other but we can grow and learn, seeking our dreams.

Let's take the time to clean up our invisible emotional and psychological junk.

A very common reason hindering us from achieving goals is the inner personal trauma. Problems in the family, the rigorous or categorical parenting, adolescence problems, failures of work and life fill us with all sorts of constraining complexes and negative thoughts, attitudes. Although we deliberately ignore or do not notice such our attitude, it is like rust that hurts our self-confidence and improperly programmes us. In order to remove these junk, the work with ourselves is required.


The power of positive thinking  -  Photo credit: kobizmedia.com

The most important thing is to make a detailed step-by-step action plan and follow it.

Let's choose rational positivism that helps us to be optimistic, but it is important also to correctly evaluate the situation.

On the Final Note 

So that positive thinking could be our friend, not the enemy, let's be real optimists, work with ourselves, live with an open mind and not in the world of illusions, feel responsible for all our actions. Let's dream, be self-confident, but always go along with the principle:

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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It's interesting to know your opinion about the power of positive thinking. Do you believe that changing your thinking you can create a better life, achieve happiness, accumulate wealth, and enjoy all this without adding a lot of effort, just negative thoughts changing to the positive ones?

Myself, I value optimism, self-confidence - the base of positive thinking. If we are self-confident and optimistic, our thinking becomes positive by itself.


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