Positive thinking.

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. Not to think negative and always think right for others and having sublime thoughts for others is called positive thinking.As our body need physical exercise to keep itself healthy and fit.Like the same our mind also need some exercise to function properly.So i think positive thinking is the best exercise for mind because when we think positive,our neurons of the mind goes to the state of relaxation and we feel very satisfied.so our satisfaction of mind greatly depends upon the positive thinking. It is only the positive thinkings which laid the seeds of great feelings and beliefs and marvelous sentiments for others. Now the question arises when man think positive? In my point of view a man thinks positive when there is all positive happenings occur around him.He is unknown of bitter realities of life.all is going well around him.There is very lovely and favourable environment around him in which he is leading a superb life.Then it is possible that he may thinks positive. It is not true in all the cases because positive thinkings are not just confined to some limitations .God has given thinking power to every one.The us of every thing is upto us whether we use it positively or negatively.Now its time to take the things positively and try to change the mentality of those ones who are ill thinkers.It really does work.





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