Post election situation in Afghanistan

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The runoff elections between Dr Abdullah and Dr Ashraf Ghani has ended in a rather peacefull manner and we salute all our soldiers and police for keeping the security in all parts of Afghanistan.

After a very long time the transition of power is to be transferred to a wining candidate.This is some thing we have worked really hard for it and our people has made alot of sacrifices for achieving the goal.Election has been very good,people turned out to vote in millions and that was a blatant message to the enemies of Afghanistan that we are fed up of war and want peace in our country.

We have all divided our selves in to two groups again that is Tajik and Pashtun and what we thought that there will be no ethnic differences in this elections but i am sorry to say that we did it again.Dr Abdullah belongs to Tajik community and Dr Ashraf ghani belongs to a Pashtun tribe.The majority of the pashtun community voted for Dr Ghani and majority of Tajik,s voted for Dr Abdullah.What i want to say is the how will they form a government if there is no place for others except their own.The election compaign has been led by people who were not willing to talk to others rather than their own tribes.

The results are the most awaited ones ,which will confirm the winning candidate and i dont think losing candidate will accept it.People in Afghanistan havent learnt a lesson from the 1990,s where they fought against each other and destroyed the whole Afghanistan.Thousand,s of lives were lost and millions migrated to other countries.So what if we stand on the same note as 20 years ago ,what if some one doesnt accept the results and they start the bloodshed.What if we are again made refugees and left to wonder in other countries.

We are all Afghan,s and we should have respect for each other and if we cant work together based on the language or ethnicity we follow ,then we are hundred years away from achieving it .The next couple of generation might need to sort the problems out,other wise we would never be at peace or live together .

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