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Do the following stretches after a weights session to increase your flexibility and reduce injury risk

Benefits of stretching Static stretches lengthen the muscle after it has contracted as a result of
weight training and give you the following benefits:

Greater flexibility
Regular stretching will allow you to perform exercises across a wider range of movement, giving you greater muscle-building effect.

Fewer injuries
When you have less tension in your muscles you significantly reduce your chances of tearing muscle fibres or tendons when you perform dynamic movements.

Faster recovery
Stretching improves blood flow to your muscles and helps to flush out toxins, meaning you will be ready for your next workout sooner.

Better posture
Tense muscles can pull your shoulders, hips and spine out of alignment, which can cause
back pain.

How to stretch?
After you’ve finished your workout spend five minutes doing some gentle cardio, such as jogging on the spot, to bring your heart rate down. Then perform the stretches opposite, paying particular attention to the ones that target the muscles you worked during your session.

Get into the stretch position and allow your muscle to relax. As you place pressure on your muscle you should be able to feel it relaxing and lengthening. You can slowly increase the pressure on the muscle
throughout the duration of the stretch but you should never force it or ‘bounce’ because that can damage the muscle. Hold each stretch for between 15 and 30 seconds but if you feel pain stop
immediately to avoid making a potential injury worse.

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