Pouring Saturday Rain

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Rainy Saturday

I was invited by my friend to visit their home at the nearby province. We were neighbors before but he and his family moved in there two years ago. The house is owned by his grandfather and it is more practical to stay there than keep on renting here in Metro.

He is one of my closest friends but when he got a family, we seldom get out together, only when there are special occasions.

We chatted earlier this week when he decided to invite me because it's his day off from work. I said I will try to fit it in my schedules.

However, it's raining the whole day since morning. The weather was really so bad because of the nearing typhoon Neneng. Supposedly, I will be going there mid afternoon before or after lunch but I can't travel with that heavy rain. I cannot really do something about it and it's not safe to travel with that weather condition.

I hope he understands my situation and we will just reset it some other times when both our schedules permit.

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