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The most serious problem of Pakistan is it poverty. It is curse and cause irreparable damage to the very Pakistan. There are so many cause of poverty which has their effects on the society, people and economy of Pakistan.

Illiteracy is the first cause behind the poverty. It results in few overlooked in this respect. It gives less food with more money. Floods have their own share towards it. They deprive people of their crop and being diseases along with it. Drought is a very dangerous thing. It deprives the people to gather edibles. They do not have even proper clothing because they are left with nothing by drought. Unemployment leaves the people to confusion, be wilderness and uncertainty. Wrong policies of the government also contribute a lot towards it. When people fell that they are not given what is their due right a criminal attitudes starts developing in them. Wars also throw the economy to it bottom. Hence, people are left with low quality of life and destruction.

But every problem has a solution. The first step towards the development of Pakistan is the promotion of digital literacy in Pakistan. The most important factor of digital literacy in development of Pakistan is its use in education. As in Afghanistan step of digital literacy is taken e.g. building of internet classrooms, use of smart boards and audience response system.

In Pakistan schools are also promoting the digital literacy for technological developments. A very short number of schools include computers in classroom and digitally literate teachers. The bad luck of Pakistan is that if an institute has equipments of digital literacy, there will be no teacher to teach the students. This bad luck is just because of lack of digital literacy.

Unemployment is also a factor which leads Pakistan towards poverty. Digital literacy also provides the opportunities of employment by social media. There are so many people in Pakistan which are earning money online through different websites by publishing their content on social media.

As students is the future of the country. But how can they be the future, while they are illiterate. Everyone has a dream of education in Pakistan but due to their poor families they cannot afford the education. But digital literacy has solved this problem by introducing the student to different websites, which are working for the welfare of students.

I am also a student and I am working for filmannex(a platform for online film distribution and financing that enable filmmakers and writers to publish their content ). This site is working for women empowerment, increasing the rate of literacy and digital literacy in underdeveloped countries. My work on filmannex is to write blogs and publish it on social media. And it is really helpful to my family and my education.

Why the western countries are developing day by day? The answer is so simple because they know the importance of digital literacy for their economy. And now many other developing nations are also promoting digital literacy in their countries including Pakistan

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i am shakir.i have done BS (HONORS) in chemistry from pakistan.i know english,pashto and urdu.I love to write blogs.

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