Poverty Kills

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Why Poverty Kills?

Many people were scared about the wide spreading of Ebola virus in some African countries. The virus has killed thousands of people of various race, ages, and status in life. All is even in this health plight.

But, many rich people never see what is the great killer of the poor and less fortunate people. Hunger kills more than Ebola virus and it has long been running all over the world all through out the years.

However, it was not given enough attention. It has not been considered as one of the most significant problems to be given solution. Is it because rich and people above the poverty line wont be dying of hunger?

My heart is so heavy as I browse through the webpages. The simple statement that I have read is so true. I could hardly present my thoughts on how I felt about it. The scribbled words are not enough to awaken the sleeping heart of the fortunate ones.

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