Power of Ayat ul Kursi

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About 2-3 months ago, my room mates often complain me that you use to scream while you are sleeping. And once in week, I used to witness nightmares even I always say sleeping pray (Sone ki Dua).

So my room mates suggested me to go any saint (peer sb) and ask him to pray for you or give you some kind of meditation. Some of my friends suggested me to wear religious lockets (Taaweez).

Then I discussed this whole issue with my mom and she said

You need not to worry son. Just make a habit to recite Ayat ul Kursi before you sleep.

And I decided to do so. Believe me guys, almost 3 months have been passed and there isn't a single night when I got frightened neither of my room mates complaints me again.

So I suggest you all to make it your habit too. INSHALLAH Allah will bless you with the best of His blessings.

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