Prayer in Islam. Types & Benefits

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First of all, I would like to write down the basic introduction to Prayer here.

What is Prayer in Islam?


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Prayer is a well known religious activity of Islam. Prayer is offered five times a day in the religion Islam for the sake of Allah. Prayer connects a Muslim with Allah and makes his life wonderful and delicious. Prayer is offered five times a day and it is offered with specific rules.

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What is Wudu?


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Wuzu is the activity in which a Muslim cleans his head to feet in a special way and becomes ready for Prayer. Wuzu is compulsory for prayer and it must be done before every prayer. You must have clean hands and body before you offer prayer.

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What is Adhan?


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Azan is the call for prayer. Azan is given before every prayer so that Muslims can be ready for prayer and can join prayer. Azan helps them to come in the mosque for prayer. Azan is also given five times a day before prayer.

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What is the Mosque?


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The mosque is also known as Masjid and it is the holy home of Allah. The mosque is built for offering prayer. Muslims get together in the mosque for offering prayer. The mosque is built by Muslims and it is built only for offering prayer and for reading holy Quran.

What are the types of Prayer?

There are following types of prayer.

Fajar Prayer
Zuhar Prayer
Asar Prayer
Maghrib Prayer
Isha Prayer
Special Prayers

Dear friends, now I would like to describe the above types of prayers in detail.

Fajar Prayer:

Fajar prayer is offered in the early morning and it first prayer of the day. Fajar prayer is very precious for Muslims. This prayer has a lot of advantages and amazing benefits. This prayer awakes a Muslim and he becomes ready for daily work. Fajar prayer is also very precious because we can start our day with the blessings of Allah and with His name.

Zuhar Prayer:

Zuhar prayer is offered in almost mid of the day. Zuhar prayer is a bit longer than Fajar prayer and has many advantages. After work, we have to offer this prayer and then we can take rest.

Asar Prayer:

Asar prayer is offered after almost 2 hours of Zuhar Prayer. This prayer is a short prayer and it has also benefits of itself. This prayer is also compulsory.

Maghrib Prayer:

This prayer is offered when the sun sets in the west. Maghrib prayer is not so long but can be offered only before the darkness.

Ishaa Prayer:

Ishaa prayer is offered when dark covers the sky completely and it is offered after almost 2 hours of Maghrib prayer. This prayer has many advantages and it is known as the last prayer of the day. Muslims offer this prayer before going to sleep.

These are the basic prayers which are offered in daily routine. Now I would like to tell you those prayers which are offered on different occasions.

Tahajud Prayer:

This prayer is offered in the early morning before Fajar prayer and this special prayer is not compulsory but it is offered to gain more advantages from the Almighty Allah.

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Eid Prayer:


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Eid prayer is offered two times in an Islamic year. This special prayer is offered on the happy occasions of Eid. Once offered on the Eid ul Fitr and the second time on the Eid ul Adha. This prayer is offered to thank Allah for his blessings.

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Janaza Prayer:


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Janaza prayer is offered on the occasion of the death of a Muslim. Whenever a Muslim dies, this special prayer is offered before burying him in the grave. This prayer is offered for his forgiveness and to pray for him. This prayer is not compulsory but this is offered for getting more benefits.
Dear friends, these are some mostly offered types of prayers. There are also some other types of prayers which are offered on different occasions.

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Benefits of prayers:

The prayer offered in Islam has many advantages and some of these are discussed here in brief.

Clean and Clear:


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The prayer is offered after having a clean body and wudu. This is compulsory for prayer. Cleaning our body regularly makes us clean and clear and we can live clean and clear all the time. Cleaning our body is very compulsory for our health too.

Health benefits:


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Prayer makes our health good and we can be healthy by offering prayer regularly and this makes our life wonderful. Prayer is an exercise itself and the exercise is compulsory for our health. Prayer is itself a good exercise and it is beneficial for health and fitness.

Save from sins:

Prayer saves us from sins and bad acts. By offering prayer we can save our soul from different sins and bad activities. Prayer helps us to know about religion and we can survive from bad activities. Prayer is also known as a cure from sins.

Pray from Allah:


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We can pray to Allah in the prayer this is a kind of meeting with Allah. Prayer is offered for Allah and we can ask Allah to help us in our matters.

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Dear friends, prayer is very compulsory for Muslims and it has many advantages which are very rare and famous but due to lack of time I can’t describe all of them here.

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