Pre-Order Xapo - The World's First Bitcoin Debit Card

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Xapo, a bitcoin company valued north of $100Million is set to release debit cards that will be tied to the users Xapo bitcoin wallet. These debit cards can be used online or offline at almost any merchant that accepts cards. This will be ground breaking for the bitcoin community, because bitcoin users will now be able to make most, if not all, of their daily purchases using the digital currency. Xapo wallets are not only free, but you will receive 5,000 satoshi's for just signing up!

Click Here To Pre-Order A Xapo Debit Card & Sign Up For a Free Wallet!

Another service Xapo has is the "vault" which is fully insured. There is a steep fee for keeping bitcoin in the vault, however you can guarantee your bitcoins will always be there.


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