Prepare and Prevent, not Repair and Repent

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Every man have a motto so do I. My motto in this short life is ‘Prepare and Prevent, not Repair and Repent’. And I think every person have to follow and adopt this one to make his life easy and keep it in flow.

First part of this motto is prepare and prevent. Prepare and prevent mean we should always ready to face any type of problem. We should prepare ourselves to bravely face any difficulties and try to prevent from these situation by proper planning. Difficulties are the part of life. We face social and business problems and losses in our small life. So we should prepare ourselves for these problems and if these problems came in our life as they are part of our life, we are in the state to face these snags boldly.

Second part of motto is not repair and repent. In other words second part is it’s no use crying over spilled milk. When a person do a wrong thing or something wrong happen to him then this is not time to cry or repent. He have to think before leap. Mean he have to think before doing a bad deed not after. Instead of repenting he have to do repairing of the wrong he had done.    

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