Present Perfect (Not So) Continuous...Part 1

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I was born in my childhood. I couldn't walk or speak then. I also couldn't write. If I could write from the day I was born, my autobiography would have been more colorful (not sure about the colors though). ;-)  I am, perhaps, among few in the universe (world is not my limit) who had a dream to sip a cup of tea from the WORLD CUP ITSELF!! Later I realized the dream to be impossible, nobody would allow me to do so, even if I'm the star player in the cup winning team. Realizing that, I moved on. My next dream was to become a train driver. While being asked about my dream in my primary school, I exclaimed that with joy. The conservative teacher was about to fall from his chair before scolding me for pursuing such dreams, instead of dreaming to become doctors or engineers. Nevertheless, I went ahead with my dreams, blowing horn of any train I see stopping at Baidyabati station during the evening outings with my mother. The drivers/guards were too humble to allow few seconds of their precious time for my experiment. But alas! that was not to be!


To Be Continued...

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