Presentation Skills

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The two most important factors in a presentation are:

A- Content

B- Delivery

Establish a positive relationship with your audience as quickly as possible.

A- CONTENT: There are four stages in a presentation. The key to a good presentation is to use Signals.

1. Introduction: Say what you are going to talk about: I'd like to talk to you about...... Give an outline: I'll be dealing with......

2. Body: Say what you want to say about the topic. Include visual aids. This part can be broken down into parts or steps: Firstly,......

3. Conclusion: Say that you have finished talking about the topic: Finally,......

4. Invite questions: handle difficult questions politely and diplomatically: Are there any questions?

B. DELIVERY: Things to consider when making a presentation:

• body language including:1. posture 2. eye contact with audience

• confidence: sound like you know what you are talking about

• voice: control volume – neither too soft nor too loud

• speed: not too fast; speak slowly and clearly

• language: short simple sentences; give examples

• notes: key words, not sentences

• visual aids: make sure they are clear, relevant and not too many

• humor: helps the audience to concentrate and remain interested


Written by: Mohammed Hussein

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