Preserved poems are always a personal touch.

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Would you like to send your friends, relatives or friends a very special holiday greetings? Do it with a pledge. This is a wonderful idea and always comes along well.

There are festivals in the year such as Christmas, Easter or Whitsun. There are many opportunities to look up. Perhaps you have already received a festive poem? Have you been so pleased that you would like to share this joy with someone? Since you have it easy. Take the lines easily, maybe several times. Whether you write this poem in your beautiful script as a rhyme on a pretty finished card, or write it with your PC on a self-designed card.

If you are particularly creative, you can even create a free and individual greeting card for the festivities. Have you ever tried it with scissors cuts?

You can also send a memorandum for a very personal occasion to your friends and relatives. I am thinking of jubilees, congratulations on the wedding, birth, baptism, any round or not necessarily round birthdays. There is always a reason to put some verses on paper. Especially for personal occasions, it is of course very effective when the selected poem fits the person to whom it is addressed.

It is even better if you can write a few lines yourself. Write it down, or wear it on the occasion of the celebration itself. The applause will be yours. Such a salutary greeting enriches your relationship with the congratulated person. She will remember your poetic greeting in retrospect.

If you do not have a particularly poetic vein, write a poem for the occasion. They work very closely with the author by providing him with detailed information on the person concerned. This will make the hard-hit a hit.

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