presépio in cila real,tras-os-montes, at christmas and stº antónio day

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st francis founder of franciscans 900 years ago created it and in xxi century is still mandatory in portuguese stº antónio sermão aos peixes, franciscan, that like them all lived from charity , was from portugal and died in pádua 800 years ago where there is a basíclica built for him and its day its a big festa in tras-os-montes, madeira and brazil and in his time evrybody spoked latín in portugal, spain and france and italy is still 1 of the topest turistic world destinations

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graduated in english first certificate by cambridge, art history at u.porto that is the topest portuguese colege and the 100th worldwide!i live at r.manuel luís da costa,155-a, r/c esq., 3700-179 s.joão da madeira, portugal

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