Prevention is better than cure

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Health is wealth. Human body is like a machine. As machine can be damaged or spoiled. So, proper care should be taken for the health of human body to prevent from diseases. Many diseases can attack human the body and spoil its health. Our body has defensive mechanism that defends the body against diseases but when it becomes weak diseases easily attack our body. Our many carelessness’s may lead may lead to affect our body with diseases. And once the body is affected by chronic diseases, it can’t be cured again properly. If these diseases could be cured but our body could not be repaired just like before. During the period of disease, it is felt very much pain in the body; patient becomes helpless and hopeless, and becomes dependent upon others. So avoid becoming the victim of diseases. For this prevention is better. By taking some careful steps, we can avoid the diseases to attack.

For this we should follow the given instructions.

  • Keep clean your body and environment.
  • Take care of wearing according to weathers.
  • Avoid fast foods.
  • Avoid high calorie diets.
  • Reduce intake of high cholesterol in diet.
  • Increase intake of fibers.
  • Make the habit of exercise.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Quit alcohol. 
  • Sleep and awake early.
  • Always keep food items covered.


     We can be attacked by diseases if we don’t keep clean our body and as well as our environment. We should keep our body clean and our wearing dress. We should clean all the utensils we use. We should clean our houses, schools and wherever we live. We should not throw garbage here and there. In this way, we can protect ourselves from diseases.

     We should wear dress according to weathers. In summers we should wear light dresses and in winters we should wear warm dresses to keep our body warm, in this way we can protect ourselves.

     We should avoid fast foods that can harm our health. Fast foods contain a lot of cholesterol which gets coagulated in blood vessels which lead to inappropriate blood flow to heart and finally leads to heart diseases. It can also cause obesity and high blood pressure. Example of fast food is burger etc.

    We should avoid high calorie diet because high calorie diets may lead to extra weight gain and it may lead to obesity.

     We should avoid high cholesterol in diet to protect ourselves from heart and blood vessel diseases. It causes heart attack by blocking out the blood vessels. It also causes stroke by blocking out the artery completely that feeds brain. It causes the condition atherosclerosis (narrowing and hardening of arteries) and causes high blood pressure. Examples of high cholesterol diets are butter, shrimp, cheese, fast food and egg yolk.

      We should increase intake of fibers in diet to improve our health. Benefits of fibers are:

  1. Relieving constipation and hemorrhoids
  2. Preventing certain diseases.
  3. Keeping weight under control.

All plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and beans have fiber in them.

        Physical activity is crucial to general health. It helps people maintain a healthy weight and reduces stress level. Exercise directly targets the primary aspects of heart health; cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

      We should avoid smoking as it causes cancer of lungs, mouth, throat etc. it increases the risk for heart attack, damages arteries and also causes stroke. It also affects bones.

      We should not take alcohol inside, as it is harmful for liver causes liver inflammation and severe liver scaring. Alcohol related liver disease may lead to death. It also affects major parts of brain helpful in movement, speech, judgment, memory and thinking. It also causes high blood pressure and increases risk for heart diseases if take for long period of time.

      We should go to bed early and take proper sleep of eight hours and also should awake early and take exercise in fresh air, in this way we can keep us healthy.

     We should keep covered food items so that bacteria and other germs could not flourish in them and could not enter our bodies through this food. In this way we can keep ourselves away from diseases.

   All the above instructions are very important to keep us maintain healthy and happy life. If we follow these instructions we will lead a life having not any sign of disease. We can prevent ourselves from being affected by diseases, so prevention is better than cure


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